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Although there are well-documented protective health benefits conferred by regular physical activity, most individuals of all ages are not physically active at a level for sufficient maintenance of health. Consequently, a major public health goal is to improve the collective health and fitness levels of all individuals. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and other international organizations have established guidelines for comprehensive exercise programs composed of aerobic, flexibility and resistance-exercise training. Resistance training is the most effective method available for maintaining and increasing lean body mass and improving muscular strength and endurance. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence suggesting that resistance training may significantly improve many health factors associated with the prevention of chronic diseases. These health benefits can be safely obtained by most of the population when prescribed appropriate resistance-exercise programs. Resistance-training programs should be tailored to meet the needs and goals of the individual and should incorporate a variety of exercises performed at a sufficient intensity to enhance the development and maintenance of muscular strength and endurance, and lean body mass. A minimum of 1 set of 10 to 12 repetitions (multi-joint and single joint) that involve the major muscle groups should be performed 2 to 3 times a week for healthy participants of all ages. More technical, advanced training including multiple set regimens and/or advanced exercises may be more appropriate for individuals whose goals include maximum gains in strength and lean body mass.

The following are gym routines designed to incorporate two major muscle groups during a workout and can be used routinely on a week to week basis. They are proven resistance training exercises that will build the whole body. For a total approach, cardio/aerobic training must be included as well.

Back & Biceps

Assisted Pull-Ups
(machine that you kneel on pad that aids in completing exercise)

* works latissimus dorsi, rear deltoids

* grip upper bar underhand to perform chin-ups and work biceps as well as previous muscles; alternate between pull-ups and chin-ups every other back day

Lat Pull Down
(machine you sit and grasp bar above)

* works latissimus dorsi primarily

* never pull bar behind neck as this removes the normal cervical curve and increases the chance of injury, pull to top portion of chest instead

Cable Rows
(machine where you are seated with legs stretched out in front and grasp V-shaped cable handle)

*works rhomboids major and minor, upper trapezius, and biceps

*pull cable towards chest, keep the flexion angle of your knees fixed so that the work is down by the muscles of the back and arms and not the legs

One Arm Rows
(select appropriate dumbbell and use standard flat bench)

*works latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and teres major

*place left knee and hand on bench leaning forward so back is parallel with ground with right foot on floor, grab dumbbell with right hand and pull back until dumbbell is level with chest, alternate for other side

Low Back Extensions (45 degree angled bench without weights that you lean into)

*works erector spinae group

*start folded over support bench and extend straight back into normal erect position with arms folded across chest

Bar Curls
(select appropriate weighted bar)

*works biceps brachii

*raise bar to chest by flexing arms at elbows, be mindful to work only biceps and not recruit other muscles by rocking body

Dumbbell Curls
(select appropriate weights)

*works biceps brachii and supinators

*start with dumbbells pointed straight forward and twist forearm inward simultaneously while bringing up weights

Preacher Curls
(seated bench with camel hump for resting arms)

*works primarily biceps brachii

*can be used with dumbbells, a weighted bar, or cables to perform standard curl manuver, vary between workouts

Shoulders & Triceps

Military Press

(seated machine with no recline and handle bars just above shoulders)

*works trapezius, medial deltoids, anterior deltoids, levator scapulae

*keep lower back pressed firmly against rear support of seat and push handle bars straight up until arms are locked out

Upright Cable Rows (use a short bar attached to lower pulley of the jungle gym)

*works upper trapezius and anterior deltoids

*stand and grab bar overhanded, pull straight up to point of chin, don’t cheat and flex chin downwards

Lateral Raises (seated machine with wing like arms resting to the sides of the upper arms)

*works medial deltoids and supraspinatus

*arms folded at 90-degrees against the arm pads, raise until arms are parallel to the floor

Front Raises
(select appropriate dumbbells)

*works primarily anterior deltoids

*stand with dumbbell in each hand, keep elbow locked while raising one arm at a time to the front until it is shoulder level high

(select weighted bar and lie on standard flat bench)

*works triceps brachii

*while lying flat with feet resting on bench, hold bar overhanded and bring straight up over chest, flex at elbow and allow bar to come a few inches from head, extend only at elbow to original position

Triceps Machine (seated machine with two handles resting over a preacher bench)

*works triceps brachii

*grasp each handle and push down from elbow only until arms are completely extended

(use rope or small bar attached to upper pulley of jungle gym)

*works tricps brachii and pronators

*grasp rope or bar overhanded, push straight down until arms are fully extended, keep arms pinned to sides throughout exercise

Chest, Upper & Lower

Dumbbell Press

(select the appropriate weights)

*alternate using a standard flat bench and the incline bench, start with dumbbells in each hand at chest level shoulder width apart and push up and together simultaneously

(seated machine with arm pads in front at shoulder height facing outwards)

* works pectoralis major and minor

*bring pads together with elbows bent at 90-degree angles and forearms against pads)

Incline/Decline Machine Press
(seated machines with handles resting in front of chest)

*works pectoralis major

*push handles straight out until arms are fully extended

Cable Pulls
(use both lower pulley handles of the jungle gym)

*works pectoralis major

*stand in the center of cable machine while grasping both handles, maintain the same elbow angle throughout while pulling the handles together at the center of the chest

Legs & Abdominals


Seated Leg Press (machine with seat and platform for feet at a slight incline)

*works quadriceps group (rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius, vastus medialis) and hamstring group (semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris)

*allow platform to lower to point where knees are flexed slightly past 90 degrees, never allow knees to touch chest as to protect lower back

Leg Extension
(seated machine with padded bar resting on shins)

*works quadriceps group (can turn feet inward to work more lateral thigh and outward to work inner thigh)

*fully extend legs to point knees are locked

Hamstring Curl (machine you lay face down with padded bar resting on calves)

*works hamstring group (can turn feet inward to work more lateral rear thigh and outward to work more inner rear thigh)

*curl bar all the way until it touches buttocks

Calf Raises
(seated machine angled with angled back support and bar for resting feet)

*works primarily gastrocnemius

*flex feet downward to move bar

Rear Lunges
(select appropriate dumbbells)

*works primarily gluteus maximus

*hold dumbbells in each hand, place one leg a full stride behind the pelvis while keeping the other leg in place, squat down until rear knee touches floor and return to starting position, alternate leg positions

Incline Bench Crunches
(lay on decline bench with feet locked under support holders)

*works rectus abdominus and abdominal obliques

*fold arms across chest, elevate upper torso to bent knees, lower until upper back is just short of touching bench, perform with torso straight for rectus abdominus, rotate 45-degrees and perform maneuver to work obliques

Roman Sit-Ups on Exercise Ball
(use appropriate exercise ball)

*works rectus abdominus, abdominal obliques, and core stabilizing musculature

*lay face up on ball with feet placed on floor, cross arms over chest, perform crunch maneuver while being mindful to maintain balance on ball